Web Video PROD is a company based in Singapore. Its founder Fabrice BLIN is both graduate in computer science and audiovisual. He has been working for 25 years in computer science, Internet and multimedia. He Founded and managed a french web company for more than 10 years before relocating to Singapore.

Using the latest digital video streaming technologies, we propose innovative online video streaming solutions for e-learning and e-business at a high quality level, affordable price and easy-to-use tools.

Fabrice BLIN
founder and managing director

Benefits of our solutions

We optimize the whole process of webcasting: our multi-camera automatic capture equipment with 3 full HD camera and our streaming platform require only 1 person to film, record, mix, encode and stream to the media server.

That means costs saving and a better reactivity to get the right image at the right moment.

We can stream:

  • from anywhere: inside with wired or wifi network or outside with 4G network
  • in any format: flash, H.264, HLS or DASH Adaptive Streaming for HTML 5 Video
  • on all devices: computer, mobile phones and tablets and IPTV/OTT end points. Viewers don't need plugins or software installations to access content.

We produce high-quality webcasts that deliver an engaging and interactive user experience. We can deliver a time-shifted viewing experience that enables viewers to pause, rewind, or resume live streams on whichever device they choose. Additionally, we can create premium catch-up TV services.

We provide a powerful suite of audience measurement tools to extract strategic data from streaming server.


For marketing

customers can create and deliver high ROI marketing programs for lead generation and product launches. Thanks to powerful audience engagement and social media tools, they can drive increased pipeline growth. Real-time analytics allows to capture attendee activity data. We can also extend live video webcasting by publishing on web channels where viewers can select on-demand webcasts that match their interests.

For talent management

webcasting can add impact to virtual learning with video, graphics, interactivity, and collaboration. We can integrate webcasts with customers' learning systems to increase the effectiveness of training programs.

For internal communications

customers can use webcasting to reach a worldwide workforce. Thanks to the power of live video, customers can motivate employees, streamline HR and benefits communications using virtual learning programs and content.